Tools for PROactivity in the time of major global changes.

Major global changes caused by the pandemic have increased the level of uncertainty among consumers. Brand trust and corporate social responsibility are becoming one of the leading drivers of purchasing.

BrandPRO brings an in-depth insight into the health of your brand through the prism of generational analysis to proactively make important decisions.

Find your answers in relevant topics:

Social Responsibility

Do consumers see the effort you put into socially responsible business?

Brand tracking by generations

Tracking consumers and brands from baby boomers to the upcoming Generation Z.

Behavioral consumer analysis

What are the unconscious elements that encourage different generations of consumers to purchase?

Trust in the brand

How strong is your brand’s trust in comparison with the competition?

Social networks

How important are influencers and social media posts in your product category?

Analyze your brand through key indicators.


The strength of the brand’s presence in the minds of consumers is complemented by monitoring the emotional benefits and presence on forums, along with classic measures monitored in the segment


Interesting analyzes of anchored, hesitant and split consumers, search for one’s own brand and brand preference enrich the already known analyzes in the segment


Find out how strong the image is and how much the brands deviate from the expected image with the existing indicators in the segment.


You will find whether customers are connected to the brand, whether they see its strength and value and how much they behave in accordance with their views on the brand.


What are the attitudes and personalities of the brand users? What do they think about consumption, products, and health, and how do they spend their free time, all in relation to generational affiliation?

BrandPRO insights

We have tested BrandPRO on real brands to develop an innovative product that delivers reliable results. See what kind of impact BrandPRO has had on some of the brands in the market.

Ines Umićević, Marketing Director, Pipi Beverages d.o.o.

I. Umićević: The BrandPRO survey helps identify the main loyalty factors

I. Umićević: „The BrandPRO survey helped us identify the main factors that increase the loyalty of our consumers and a clearer insight into the perception of the brand itself by users and non-users within the category.”

Ivan Jurković, Business Intelligence manager, Franck

I. Jurković: Usage of Hendal BrandPro segmentation

I. Jurković: “With the use of the Hendal BrandPro segmentation, we were able to tailor the Franck Crema brand to meet the needs of consumers to help all coffee lovers, especially those who fall into the category of “Technology-conscious” and “Responsible” to start their day easily.””

Danijela Pošta, Marketing Director, Business Program for Fish, Podravka d.d.

D. Pošta: Hendal BrandPRO research and analysis

D. Pošta: “The Hendal BrandPRO research, through the analysis of unconscious attitudes and behaviors, helped us identify the real, in-depth motivators of buying and satisfaction in the canned fish category, thus removing the focus from price aspects to important product characteristics.”

Nina Mimica, BoardMember for Innovation, Studenac market

N.Mimica: Hendal BrandPRO and brand perception insight

N. Mimica: „The Hendal BrandPRO research gave us important insight into the perception of the brand by customers and the priorities for improving the offer and services. Thanks to data and knowledge, but also to continuous listening of the needs and pulse of our customers, we improve activities and measures in accordance with our business strategy and market trends”

BrandPRO paketi

Each brand is different and each brand has a specific market situation. That is why we have developed a flexible pricing model with which you can find the answers you need for your brand.


Moduls included


You are interested in a general insight into the presence of the brand in the minds of consumers and an analysis of loyalty




You would supplement your basic brand knowledge with specialized analyzes of brand satisfaction / image or lifestyle of consumers in your category



Optional module


In addition to brand information, you are also interested in the image of your company or the lifestyle of your consumers.




Optional module


You want to expand your horizons in all aspects of your brand, company and consumer.